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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Extremely free range

I'm the kind of person who, if at all possible, likes to know where things come from, the story behind them, the reasons, the quirks, the history. This little post will hopefully become the start of more regular posts of this nature providing a chance to introduce and share our gratitude for lovely suppliers and their delicious ingredients.

First up, and very close to our hearts is Uncle Joe (first mentioned here and pictured below). A man so dear that everyone will want him as their Uncle. He supplies our eggs with great pride.

He has a beautiful, wild farm in Weardale and an elusive brood of freqently laying hens. His eggs are not for sale but given (by the dozen) with thanks and love to a carefully selected and lucky few*. This is definitely part of the appeal and I'm sure adds to their taste, not to mention that these eggs are extremely free range. I mean, they make it across The Border unscathed and taste all the more delicious having been carefully transported and savoured.

We will be using our latest dozen for our Marmalade Souffles at Supper Two.

Thank you Uncle Joe.

*If you would like to sample Uncle Joe's eggs for yourself, an empty egg box or two is a safe swap.

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  1. Oh if only i were an egg lover! this is a lovely post and hope so much to meet Uncle Joe one day! Just wanted to wish you luck and fun for tonight - it will be amazing (I'm envious of your diners!) xxx


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