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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Going the extra (Royal) Mile

I speak with my marketing hat on when I say that the Royal Wedding is the kind of event that has PRs everywhere clutching at any vague link, literally spewing out tenuous royal news releases and hoping to keep clients happy and for some (any) coverage however unlikely.

Having my own blog, I don't need to wish for coverage, I can simply jump on the band wagon and write whatever I wish! And so, I give you my little round up of those creative souls who I believe have gone the extra Royal Mile.

For those who knew me in my past life, as someone who worked on an account that mainly produced millions of plastic vending cups (really), I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this:

And, who can resist the Queen of iced biscuits? Not the iced gem but Biscuiteers latest creations, sweet:

For the more traditional memorabilia, there's always the classic and official tea towel available here:

or a more modern take on the tradtional here:

Then for the younger audience, Early Learning Centre, I applaud thee. Our baby may be a little small for this right now but it's hard to resist. Everyone should have a toy corgi, no?

Other choice pics from around the web include:

Finally, if it all gets too much, a Royal Wedding sick bag, even if you're not a royalist, enjoy the day off and have a bit of fun:

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  1. Love it! Royal wedding hype everywhere. The dress is incredible....brilliant post. :) x


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