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Monday, 17 October 2011

Menu for safe travels

We're back, kind of!

As we've been missing hosting our supper club lots, the perfect opportunity to have a little practice for friends and send some of them to the other side of the world with bellies full of some fine home grown ingredients has arisen. We thought you'd like to see.

The menu has been selected from some of the most successful and decadent ever brought to the Table. Now we need to get to grips with shopping lists, transforming our home and all of the hosting/cooking things that were second nature earlier this year!

To start
Squash, rocket, Dunsyre blue, pear, rosemary.

To follow
Wellingtons, caramelised red cabbage, green beans.

To finish
Baked chocolate pudding, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream.

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