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Monday, 21 May 2012

If you go down to the "woods" today...

Admittedly, any first birthday is as much of a milestone for the parents as it is for the child but we still wanted to have a little fun. We dug out toys that had been our childhood favourites and encouraged our grown up (and younger guests) to bring their bears to join in. Then we added in, Eva's carefully posed teddies, some hampers, bunting, a picnic and a tiger who came (to life, thanks Katie) and for tea!

A tiny tea set all ready.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

We must say a huge thank you to both of our Mums for believing that the party would happen despite seeing the chaos beforehand, for their help and for making the delicious teddy bear cake. Also to Carrie for her beautiful baking and creative branch complete with edible nests and to all of our friends near and far for celebrating with us.

Edible teddy.

Edible nests.

Treasured toys old and new.

A help yourself picnic.

Amazing ready to bake goat's cheese from Henri's.

More cake. This time a triple layer lemon and blueberry sponge by Daddy.

It didn't last long!

Best dressed Ted, first prize!


  1. That triple layered blueberry thing...he's just trying to out-do my triple layered fluorescent blue pirate ship isn't he?

    Party looks fab xxx

  2. Wow! That looks like the best first birthday party ever. I am in my thirties, but would be chuffed with that spread and decoration. The tiger who came to tea is my favourite book of all time!

  3. That goat's cheese. MMMMMMMMmm x

  4. Seriously, Henri's has some amazing cheeses and when something is that good, just let it speak for itself! Oh and the cake. Chris was showing off, it's true!


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