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Monday, 21 January 2013

2012, part two.

Finally a chance to complete our 2012 reflections.


Back when the nights were long and light and there were delicious strawberries, sweetness and tennis.





We returned to hosting refreshed and inspired by our holiday in Provence, loving London 2012 and dishing up palate cleansing, fruity flavours to new and familiar guests.



A change of season brought new ingredients to exploit. We remembered a special anniversary and celebrated a couple of brilliant birthdays. We wore sunglasses and a scarf and welcomed friends from near (ish) and far.



 There was room for more birthday cake and celebrations, warm hearts and harvest. 




A belated Halloween party for little people and their Mums, holidays coming, Thanksgiving and a very exciting feature.


Mince pies and traditions, fairy lights and magic, a special end to our 2012 suppers with friends at our table. There was also time for family, feasting, gifts given and received and a very thoughtful Father Christmas who brought our wee apprentice a kitchen of her own for the next stage of her training!

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