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Monday, 4 January 2010

Snowflakes and Schnapps

The excesses and over indulgence of the season provided lots of inspiration for the forthcoming menu.

From our homemade offerings in the form of Orange, Fig and Pistachio Cantuccini and Figgy Apricot Mostardo to a flavour rich NYE with combinations including Roasted Butternut Squash Raviolli with Sage Butter followed by Pheasant glazed with Balsamic and Juniper Berries. We amused our taste buds and occupied our minds (with food, family, friends and Scrabble).

We are grateful for many thoughtful and tasty gifts too:
  • A kitsch canape shaper

  • Homemade Blackford Sloe Gin

  • Sel gris de Guerande aux truffes blanches http://www.paqgubbio.it/

  • Sur les Quais Moutarde au Jus de Truffe

  • Canape spoons (you'll have to wait and see)

  • A cupcake stand and dotty cupcake cases

  • A charming collection of authentic flavours, lovely images and warming recipes in Jane Lawson's Snowflakes and Schnapps. Photo above by Luke Bellamore.

  • Christmas Inspirations by Rose Hammick and Charlotte Packer - practical ideas that will not be waiting around for next Christmas.

  • And, to finish, a set of nostalgic M and S tea towels so we can celebrate its 125 year anniversary with some washing up!

The number of guests for our first supper club is up and word is rippling through our friendship circles and beyond. Please continue the ripples and pass it on.

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