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Friday, 24 September 2010

Brandy (free) snaps

This morning, I am making that tea room classic brandy snaps. Conjuring up memories of doilies and cream oozing from the crispy curls. These brandy snaps will not be filled with cream however, they will stand as wafers on tonight's cinnamon ice cream and add some extra crunch to the juicy plum crumbles.

The recipe I'm following is South African and uses honey (rather than golden syrup) and no brandy (practically healthy). So why the name? Some quick online research offers several possible explanations including the most obvious that brandy should be added to the sticky mixture, or that they should be enjoyed with a snifter of brandy or even that brandy should be stirred into the cream filling. Any ideas?

Tonight we're serving them brandy free.

If you've never made them before, they're surprisingly easy although my mix needed to chill overnight to achieve the required firmness. I found for optimum results, baking for ten minutes at 180 worked best and cooling for four minutes before rolling (around a wooden spoon handle) achieved the best curls! Well, just in case you were wondering.

Here are the photos step by step:

From this...

...to this.

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  1. amazing... xxx Brandy snaps are one of my most favourite things, though i too had wondered about the brandy?! xxx


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