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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cake miracles do happen.

Last night, the Edinburgh Cake Ladies, got fruity at Craigie’s Farm.

Despite suffering from terminal lateness, it was a surprise, even to me, that, at ten to six (event starting at seven) we actually only had one egg at home! After a frantic dash to the shops and some very “focused” cake baking, the cake was in the oven and definitely going to be served warm. 

I had originally planned to bake Bill Granger’s banana upside down cake, but decided to change when I revisited the brief and noted the fruity theme was actually in celebration of the fabulous fruit at Craigie’s (not many bananas in their polytunnels). So, I baked Sarah Raven’s sharp and sweet rhubarb upside down cake with toasted almonds and by some minor miracle, it worked and arrived at the Cake Ladies gathering, still warm and only 20 minutes late!


It was a great evening with some fantastic cakes and some very friendly new and old Cake Ladies. Every event is different and each venue adds something unique but each time I get a place, I know I’m in for a treat and that the treat continues with a sugar hangover countered only be a sugar top up and more cake the next day!

Chocolate celebration cake of Great British Bake off fame (certainly not one to be attempted last minute).

Swedish fruity delight.

Strawberry sponge.

Layers of raspberry and white chocolate goodness.

 Nectarine and cinnamon cake. 

Summer fruit drizzle cake.

Blackcurrant streusel cake.

And to get me through Thursday (you know just in case I was stranded in a flood or something).

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  1. Well, in this weather you could very well be stranded in a flood! Always good to have some cakes for 'emergency'.


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