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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Much depends on dinner

We took several long and winding roads to reach our charming destination near Hawick. The event was a long awaited, carefully planned and exciting Saturday supper for friends and families who have been meeting together once a year for a trip that has become a tradition over the last decade or so. We were delighted to be part of it and to work in a kitchen which undoubtedly has the largest island we have ever seen!

The menu balanced comfort and indulgence.

For gathering
Brioche toast, chicken liver, caramelised red onion
Hot smoked salmon mousse, homemade oat biscuits
Pea, pecorino bruschetta

To amuse
Rocket, new potato and Sauvignon blanc cups

To start
Proscuitto watercress, spinach and manchengo cheese salad or
Duck Rillettes, rhubarb, both with home made soda bread

To follow
Venison or beef Wellington 

To finish
Baked chocolate puddings, vanilla ice cream or
Iced ginger meringue slice

Pictures to make your mouths water:


A grand table, set for 14.

Canapes in progress.

Beautiful crockery, ours for the evening.

As the guests gathered, we served...


... and.

To amuse.

To start.

To follow.

To finish.

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