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Monday, 14 December 2009

From their Wedding Day to ours

The table really does exist and so did the people. Here is a photo of Charlie and Evelyn, Chris's paternal grandparents, on their Wedding Day (the Bride and Groom in the foreground). Taken by Sean Elliott Photography.
(We placed their photo, alongside those of our other Grandparents on their Wedding Days, on the cake table at our reception).

Coming to door mats near Edinburgh soon

Made, drafted, written, addressed, stamped and battling through the Christmas post.

Invitations, done.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

A secret ready to be shared

Amid piles of Christmas cards, there is also a small pile of invitations ready for distribution. After careful consideration, we have our guest list; five dear friends whose opinions we trust and value and who live close enough to reach us easily (we hope). R also has a couple of friends intrigued by what this "very exciting venture and soon to be shared secret" is, perhaps they'll be diners once our plans are revealed. The waiting continues... at least until we have our first confirmed guests. All that remains is to send the invitations.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Let's start at the very beginning...

Well, with all the excitment, we just let a candle melt onto the fireplace! It's our first post and it's a blank but quickly filling box.

We are here to announce the start of an exciting venture for us and for you, our readers and soon to be guests.

We're very much looking forward to welcoming familiar and new faces to Charlie and Evelyn's Table. We've even set a date and a countdown for our first supper on 23rd January 2010, just 49 days and a whole festive season away.

This is the first step. The next step will be to share the secret. The first event will be by invitation (as no one knows about us yet) but, as this venture grows we will be taking enquiries and maybe even bookings.

As I type, C is happliy turning the pages of recipe books, looking for inspiration (and making himself hungry). We know that our first menu choices will be a tough decision, eased by the fact that we love thinking about food and, even better eating it.

Until next time...
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