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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Menu for a sweet Summer supper

It's been a while since we hosted a supper club, so it is with a mix of eagerness and huge excitement that we post this menu and prepare to welcome a wonderful group to the Table on Friday. In some ways a chance to ease ourselves back to hosting but we're certainly not holding back in the kitchen!

Chris will be cooking:

To start
Prawn {or feta}, pea, mint risotto, Parmesan crisps.

To follow
Fillet of beef, beans, peppers {or baby corn}, crisp potatoes, tarragon hollandaise, truffle oil.

To finish
Chocolate "tart", frozen yoghurt, berries, hazelnut meringue.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Baking with a toddler or two...

Today's #bakingwithatoddler was especially significant as it turned out to be A's baking debut and we were baking in memory of my Granny, E's (middle) namesake, on the date she passed away, three years ago. Rock buns were an obvious choice. 

E was excited and confident. A was determined to chat to her toys in her cot,  defying sleep and so I gave in, brought her through to the kitchen and she rocked her adorable apron for the first time. It was an everyday special moment and way more manageable than I imagined having two perched on chairs,  in the way that often with two little people, the thought of something can be worse than the reality.  E showed A what to do and what not to do (of course), they shared spoons and mixture and then E snuck away to smugly lick both her and A's spoon! A sweetly unaware of the pleasure she was missing. They were equally thrilled at washing their hands simultaneously in the big sink and it was a real joy to see. I'd like to think my Gran saw it too.

This recipe is straightforward, needs no complex ingredients or preparation and features sultanas which seem to be a winner with (my) toddlers. They also got to mix and mash the whole thing by hand which really occupied and intrigued them. The result, three happy girls and a batch of tasty, sort of uneven scones; perfectly imperfect.

Saturday, 3 May 2014


The weeks have flown by since we celebrated a very special friend's, very special 80th birthday. We created a feast of his favourite things, he brought some delightful friends and family and some excellent wines and asked us to cook but also unusually to join the diners for dinner. It was such a happy celebration with a room full of love and laughter, old memories shared and new ones made. 

Would you like to see?


All flowers bright, sunny and beautiful.

The new Charlie and Evelyn's Table by candle light.

To welcome: Stilton gougeres.

Soft-boiled Quail's eggs with asparagus tips, bacon and hollandaise.

To amuse: Prawn and fennel bisque.

To start: Scallops, pea puree, snow pea shoots and pancetta crumbs.

To follow: Pan-fried duck breast, confit duck leg, beetroot dauphinoise, wilted spinach, buttered mushrooms.

To finish: Classic creme caramel, braised rhubarb and vanilla cream.

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