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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Menu for the changing season.

The coolness of the breeze is hardly a sign of Autumn in Edinburgh but the deep blue skies, golden light and changing leaves are more positive proof that a change is beginning and with September, the glut of berries passes and there's a move to apples, pears, plums and a return for beetroot and other things to look forward to. All of these ingredients are coming to future menus I reckon, but for Saturday and the first of September, here's what we decided:

To start
Duck rillettes, plums, Chris's soda bread.

To follow
Beef Stroganoff, buttered pappardelle.

To finish
Baked apple crumbles.

Menu for the last days of Summer.

Not to depress you too much but, we've decided to make Friday's menu the last of our Summer suppers and to eagerly welcome all that Autumn will soon have to offer our diners after that. We've opted for fishy and fruity combinations and a pudding that will make for an apt farewell to our sweetest Scottish berries. Here it is:

To start
Scallops, crab, avocado and pink grapefruit.

To follow 
Pan fried seabass, tagliatelle, pesto. 

To finish
Last of the Summer puddings - raspberry, basil and clotted cream.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

With a touch of Provencal inspiration, in pictures.

As I type, tonight's guests are merrily next door, some with whiskeys in hand and I'm at the computer having a cheese and crisp midnight feast to celebrate another successful supper club! Tonight's table was booked by one group of friends, none of them had been to a supper club before and were all unsure what to expect, but, given the clean plates, happy chatter, empty bottles and positive feedback, I think they're converted and really hope to see them back again.

Tonight there was also a first at Charlie and Evelyn's Table - the guests started their evening with their own cocktail hour - sipping seville orange gin cocktails with our canapes. Inspired.

And then, here's what they ate:

To amuse: Rocket, sauvignon blanc and potato soup.

 Armstrong's fine gambas.

To start: Gambas with mango and chicory salad.

To follow: Bowers' fillet of beef, truffled green beans and yellow peppers, crispy potatoes.

To finish: Strawberry soup with petite meringues.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

For a sweet and sour Friday, in pictures.

I just love the colours yellow and orange and sunshine of course. So last night's menu was a visual treat and it seemed our jolly guests enjoyed the flavours too. Here are the rather bright photos, I hope they make you smile.

 Summer bouquet to set the sunny mood.

 Special sunflowers at the table.

 To welcome Pea and Pecorino toasts.

 Quails' eggs with Parma ham especially for Tom (who dined with us) and his wife Hannah (who sadly couldn't make it). They will forever remind us of your wonderful wedding.

To amuse Courgette and rocket soup.

 To start Seared tuna, mango salsa and honey glazed bean sprouts.

 Or avocado,  mango salsa and honey glazed bean sprouts (v).

 Bright and crunchy salad.

To follow Asian braised beef with hot and sour salad

or Asian braised vegetables with hot and sour salad (v).

Very ripe peaches ready for baking.

To finish Peach melba with Chantilly cream and raspberry granita.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Menu with a touch of Provencal inspiration.

Hot on the heels of Friday's menu, here is Saturday's. All twelve seats at Charlie and Evelyn's Table were reserved by one lady (thanks Nicola) so we are looking forward to a gathering of friends who already know each other rather than a group of guests making new friends. By special request, the menu features a shellfish starter and a beef fillet main with a surprise fruity pudding inspired by a dish we ate recently at Le Bistrot d'Eygalieres - we'll try and transport you there!

To start
Langoustine {or avocado} and mango salad.

To follow
Beef fillet, truffle oil, green beans, hollandaise, sautéed potatoes and for our vegetarian guest mushroom, asparagus and green bean risotto, truffle oil and hollandaise.

To finish
Strawberry soup, petite meringues.

Menu for a sweet and sour Friday

C and I have spent most of this week apart, spread across the UK, he working in Cardiff and I extending my birthday celebrations in Durham. Now that we're both back in Scotland, we have at last agreed the menus in person. We're all set for a weekend of supper clubbing ahead.

Friday's menu will offer:

To start
Seared tuna with mango salsa
and for our vegetarian guest, avocado with mango salsa.

To follow
Asian braised beef with a hot and sour salad
and, Asian braised vegetables, noodles and a hot and sour salad.

To finish
Peach melba.

Friday, 17 August 2012

For Team GB, in pictures.

Rather unusually, we began the evening huddled and cheering around the TV. Watching Mo Farah become a great, great Olympic champion with his win in the 5000m. And, then the excitement continued with introductions for a group entirely made up of supper club first timers and the going for gold menu we'd created...

Red, white and blue roses set the patriotic scene.

  To welcome: cucumber, crab and radish bites.

 Tandoori stuffed button mushrooms.

To amuse: rocket, courgette soup with goat's cheese.

To start: wild salmon, shaved fennel.

To follow: poppy seed venison, wild mushroom risotto, watercress, jus.

To finish: melon soup, strawberries.

With coffee: honeycomb truffles.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

For a reunion, in pictures.

For the first time this year, our lovely guests arrived without jackets, thanks to the gloriously sunny evening. We took hydrangea from our garden, remembering how we cut them exactly a year ago for our Christening party and we served up a slightly Spanish influenced menu with Manchego, Romesco sauce and paella.

 The Table.

To welcome: Tandoori stuffed button mushrooms and

 cucumber, crab and radish bites.

To amuse: Rocket, courgette soup with goat's cheese.

To start: Prosciutto, watercress and Manchego cheese salad with homemade soda bread.

To follow: Lamb, Romesco sauce, virgin paella, chilli green beans.

To finish: Warm chocolate pudding, balsamic fruits, vanilla ice cream.

With coffee: Handmade truffles with honeycomb.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Menu for Team GB

A wee nod to Olympic mania, for this menu we're using champion ingredients, delicate sea trout, crunchy fennel, premium venison and super sweet melon and strawberries. Just like the athletes, we're going for gold!

To start
Sea trout, shaved fennel.

To follow
Poppy seed venison, wild mushroom risotto, watercress, jus.

To finish
Melon soup, strawberries.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Menu for a reunion

Really looking forward to Friday's supper where a group of familiar diners will gather to celebrate a delightful lady returned from far flung lands, a wonderful, newly wed couple and friendship! They will feast on:

To start:
Prosciutto watercress, spinach and manchego cheese salad.

To follow:
Lamb, romesco sauce, virgin paella, chilli green beans.

To finish:
Warm chocolate pudding, balsamic fruits, vanilla ice cream.

For Sunday Brunch Club, in pictures.

Admittedly this post is a month overdue but the coincidence of a terribly long broadband drop out and a wonderful holiday meant opportunities for hassle free posting have been non-existant. Now broadband and we are returned to our home, we can look back on a great gathering, a welcome return to our table for some vivacious Sunday Brunch Clubbers and what can only be described as a party atmosphere!

 To amuse Pea, mint, bacon.

To start Jewelled venison carpaccio, beetroot relish.

 To follow Lamb noisettes, mustard crumble, new potatoes, creamed spinach.

To finish Coconut pavlovas, lemon and lime, ginger ice cream, passion fruit.

or tropical sundae {by request}.
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