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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Autumn changes

It's not just the leaves that have been changing and heading South this Autumn. We hope some of you have noticed how suddenly quiet it's been around here and here's our news.

The end of Summer was full of super, supper clubs and change and upheaval that we’re only now emerging from the drought or the flood; I can’t make my mind up which suits best, both really.  We’re happily floating on the surge of energy that comes from things shifting. Instead of trying to make plans and figure out how to move forward and stay afloat day by day, we’re more focused and more loving. By doing so much less and sleeping more, we’re actually achieving. It’s an odd feeling, changing and feeling all together different and yet the same.

What a riddle. Our Summer was intense (hard). This year’s been intense, brilliant in parts, hideous in others and we’ve moved, to London. Chris has almost completed his first term at the incredible Leiths School of Food and Wine. He is refreshed and inspired. We can't really believe it. I am relishing new opportunities for freelance food writing, being full-time with our two little girls, embracing the daily routine, new adventures and getting a lot more sleep than has been usual.  We are in this together and the girls have approached this move with lion hearts, curiosity and enthusiasm, we can only be inspired to try and do the same and to make them proud, as we are proud of them and each other. We are eating, often, well.

As those of you who joined us for one of our Summer suppers know, understandably, those were the last at our Edinburgh table for a while. The final run of suppers combined with a house move and a young family were exhausting but oddly exhilarating and confirmed that we have to run to where ever this love of feeding people takes us. Chris is running and I am trying to catch him, clutching E and A’s hands. He is building his portfolio and skills with great relish and offering a limited number of totally bespoke private dining opportunites to loyal and new fans. If  you are planning a special occasion or gathering and would like him to feed you over the festive period and in 2015, please email to start a discussion. And, more than ever before, watch this space.

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