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Friday, 16 September 2016

Back where it all began.

Before we started our supper club back in 2009, Charlie and Evelyn's Table was simply our dining table. It once belonged to C's grandparents, the real Charlie and Evelyn. As a newly married couple who loved to eat, it quickly became the witness to many post-work suppers, lazy Sunday breakfasts, and fun parties while its chairs hosted a multitude of family and friends.

In some ways, hosting a supper club came very naturally to two people who genuinely enjoy sharing their hospitality and, when there wasn't a supper club to visit in Edinburgh, it was an irresistible challenge. The idea became real and grew quickly, we moved house, got a bigger table, welcomed two little girls to our family and continued hosting supper clubs whenever we could.

The experiences added fuel to our dream to work with each other in food and after welcoming hundreds of diners, we made a bold move to London where C completely retrained as a chef.

Later today, we're officially launching that dream, our new venture Ballintaggart Farm. It's a magical and beautiful destination where you can come to stay, host or attend an event, eat or learn to cook memorable and delicious food and soak up the spectacular views.

It seems right to close this blog with a scant reflection of our journey so far, especially for those readers who are new to our story and to show you that Charlie and Evelyn's Table remains a very important part of what we do. It's now where we serve our guests' breakfast and from here our adventures in life and in food continue.

We hope to see you all soon.

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