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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Supper One: In photos

I daydreamed that I would have time to document the event as well as hosting, pot washing and serving. I did not. Grateful thanks to guests turned photographers, Matt and Sam Leggett.

Supper One

It happened, largely to plan. We suffered several sense of humour failures along the way, pushed our small kitchen to its limits but learned a lot. And, even before we kicked off our shoes for the evening, we were already excited about February's supper.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Things are beginning to take shape inside of the kitchen:

And, progress is being made outside of the kitchen too.

We will be ready to welcome our guests. We will be ready to welcome our guests. We will be ready to welcome our guests.

Work in progress

It's all go.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Menu One

This will always be our first menu.

To start
Scottish Smoked Salmon, Truffle scented Potato Salad, Chive Oil, Homemade Bread.

To follow

Pork Fillet, Black Pudding Bundle, Apple, Cider Juices, Sage Soubise, Potato Puree, Broccoli.

To finish
Iced Chocolate Orange/Pink Grapefuit Terrine, Hot Chocolate Sauce, Orange Syrup.

We can't wait for Saturday and, before you say it or send round the grammar police, I know there are words missing from the descriptions. In some ways it irks me. Mostly however, I think, what do those words add to a menu apart from a sense of correctness? We've focussed on the flavours and, given the choice, would you rather have a conjunction or an Iced Chocolate Orange and Pink Grapefruit Terrine dancing on your tongue?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Giant Onions

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on onions this size*...

...then we can recommend reaching for Delia Smith's "The Collection: Soups" and creating a vat of sweet, warming French Onion Soup with toasted baguette and gruyere crutons.

This soup is sure to help you forget the cold outside, or, as was the case for us, provide a culinary hug after our return from The Great Outdoors - skiing at Glenshee. (It proved especially comforting for me as I returned shaken and bruised.)

What's more, there's plenty left for the freezer, so the goodness of this soup, the richness of the flavours, sweetness of the giant onions, sogginess of the crutons and stringy nuttiness of the cheese, can be enjoyed over and over, for as long as this cold weather lasts.**

*ours came courtesy of Uncle Joe and his secert supplier

Friday, 15 January 2010

Stars of the foodie kind

Just couldn't wait to furiously email and post this list leaked on Twitter - horray!

Too excited to comment except to say, what a great start to the weekend. I only wish we had a reservation for somewhere on this list tonight.

I'm hungry.

Marmalade Sandwich Love

The fact that this event exists has just made my day. I mean, who'd have thought it, a whole festival dedicated to the delicious, fruity stickiness of marmalade. Complete with a guest appearance from classic character, the marmalade (and lately Marmite) loving, Paddington Bear. And, it's for charity. I'm charmed.

The World's Best Marmalade title is also up for grabs and anyone can enter. OK, now I'm getting carried away...I've never even made my own marmalade before.

It can also only mean one thing for the February Menu - it is so featuring marmalade. Better get practicing oh, and maybe getting organised for January too.

From Little Acorns

Just wanted to spread the love and say a big thank you to Becca at "From Little Acorns Furniture" for mentioning us on her own lovely blog recently. You can find out more here.

Her creations, large and small, really are divine. The fabulous, multi use board she made us from sustainably sourced, Scottish wood at her Gifford workshop, is finished with olive oil making it foodie friendly and more than worthy of its place as part of this venture.

Watch out for its various guises: a canape tray, bread board, cheese board and i'm-afraid-it's-too-good-to chop-on-board and get one for your home (from just £35).

Monday, 11 January 2010

Food with gusto

We took the opportunity of having friends from afar to stay as one to push the limits of our kitchen, but not the limits of our sanity or capability. Although the menu was different, we considered it some kind of trial run for the launch.

We introduced and discussed the idea of our supper club with them which was exciting, inspiring and reassuring in equal measure. We may also have found the perfect designer to look at creating a logo.

Foccacia and Antipasti followed by Butternut Squash and Sage* and Blue Cheese Risotto and Green Salad were brought to the table on Saturday.

And, after a day of exploring the snowy city, we completed Sunday and started our goodbyes, on a comforting note, with our version of a traditional Roast Chicken and Gooey Chocolate Puddings.

*A dream combination already featured in this blog's short life.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Snowflakes and Schnapps

The excesses and over indulgence of the season provided lots of inspiration for the forthcoming menu.

From our homemade offerings in the form of Orange, Fig and Pistachio Cantuccini and Figgy Apricot Mostardo to a flavour rich NYE with combinations including Roasted Butternut Squash Raviolli with Sage Butter followed by Pheasant glazed with Balsamic and Juniper Berries. We amused our taste buds and occupied our minds (with food, family, friends and Scrabble).

We are grateful for many thoughtful and tasty gifts too:
  • A kitsch canape shaper

  • Homemade Blackford Sloe Gin

  • Sel gris de Guerande aux truffes blanches http://www.paqgubbio.it/

  • Sur les Quais Moutarde au Jus de Truffe

  • Canape spoons (you'll have to wait and see)

  • A cupcake stand and dotty cupcake cases

  • A charming collection of authentic flavours, lovely images and warming recipes in Jane Lawson's Snowflakes and Schnapps. Photo above by Luke Bellamore.

  • Christmas Inspirations by Rose Hammick and Charlotte Packer - practical ideas that will not be waiting around for next Christmas.

  • And, to finish, a set of nostalgic M and S tea towels so we can celebrate its 125 year anniversary with some washing up!

The number of guests for our first supper club is up and word is rippling through our friendship circles and beyond. Please continue the ripples and pass it on.

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