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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Supper Two

Has been and gone, rather smoothly, it seemed. The mountain of washing up was conquered and our guests left us in the early hours, full of food, wine and chatter.

We took the second supper as a great excuse for an outing for some of our underused, special crokery (thanks Nat, if you're reading) and beautifully crafted vintage cutlery to make Charlie and Evelyn's table look extra pretty. And, to hint at Spring, a few early daffodils, arranged in a collection of three bottles, a tip courtesy of the lovely Carol Walker.

As for the food, the seafood and fish didn't linger long on plates (more on our supplier soon) and the souffles rose like clouds over puddles of orangey, sugary goo.

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  1. As requested - flag from sunny singapore. Sorry we couldn't be there, but to be honest the haggis thing is wearing thin....(!)Big hugs from your biggest fans


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