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Monday, 13 September 2010


As an added finishing touch, we were also able to wish Saturday's diners slainte! with a wee dram of Diurachs'* Own 16 and thanks to Isle of Jura.

Coincidentally, our happy guests had been discussing islands they had visited during dinner, so it made the final farewell all the more apt.

As the name suggests, Diurachs' Own 16 is nurtured for sixteen long years producing a subtle, understated malt. The tasting notes describe it as both rich and full-bodied with hints of citrus fruit, toffee, dark chocolate, oranges and spices.

Here's the man in charge of creating it:

Jura Distillery Manager Willie Cochrane.

Understandably, the islanders are drawn to it above all others and to honour this unique bond, the symbol of the Diurachs adorns each and every pack. Fans can also join the honorary Diurach community by stopping off here or here. In return you will gain access to a range of competitions including the chance to win stays for friends and family at Jura’s exclusive Lodge or rare and valuable limited edition whiskies. You'll also get discounted accommodation on Jura, a free Dram every month for life at the Jura pub and a free distillery tour.

Before you make up your mind, book a space at Charlie and Evelyn's Table for a complimentary taste, see you soon!

* Diurach is the Gaelic name for the people of Jura.

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