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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Martyn's quick white chocolate and raspberry cake

This cake is quick for new mums or chalet hosts or anyone in a hurry. Seriously, it takes about 15 minutes and can be mixed coursely, all ingredients in together.

First mastered and served by a jovial, hungover or possibly still drunk chalet host in 2006 (Val d'Isere), more recently made by Chris and served to baby hungry visitors by a sleep deprived and very new Mum, me. Hopefully this has demonstrated the required level of skill, time, effort and precision. If you try it you'll see it is possible to produce something tasty and easily, without scales.

You will need:

125g raspberry yogurt (the cheap stuff works well supermarket's own brand, one pot. I like Tesco's)
125g (1 pot)caster sugar
375g (3 pots) self raising flour
125g (1 pot) sunflower oil
Four medium eggs
200g (1 bar) white chocolate
A handful of raspberries (optional)

Empty yogurt into a mixing bowl.

Fill pot with sugar, empty into bowl.
Fill pot with self raising flour, empty into bowl. Repeat three times.
Fill pot with sunflower oil, empty into bowl.
Crack four eggs into bowl.
Add white chocolate chunks.

Mix ingredients together until blended to cake like consistency.

Place in tin.

Bake at 220 degrees C for 30-45 minutes, until cake is golden and has a slight wobble in the centre. Please note, this is a moist cake thanks to the oil so a skewer through the centre will never be totally dry. The top may crack too but there are worse things!

Add a sprinkle of fresh raspberries/coulis/jam if you have any and a dusting of icing sugar.

Slice generously and enjoy.


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