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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The one with no running water and some belly dancers

After food, and maybe babies, wedding are definitely my most favourite thing to daydream about.

Seeing the huge variety and individuality other people display as they celebrate a marriage is a wonderful source of inspiration.

It's also a pleasure to work with brides, grooms and in this instance bridesmaids to be to create a personal and apt feast for a gathering of sophicticated and fun hens. We do hen dos, don't you know.

Here the food needed to reflect the bride to be's food passion, she runs a bakery you see (no pressure). We knew in advance that a seated dinner for the hens was not going to be possible due to space but a help yourself buffet wasn't what the chief hen had in mind either. We also needed to accomodate hens travelling from far and wide and arriving at various times throughout the evening. Although we didn't know it in advance, we'd also be working with no running water (arrghh) and serving under and over veiled dancers!

We started with a canape and cocktail hour. Each hen got to keep their cosmo glass as a momento!

And moved on to starter, an anti pasti plank which included Manchego cheese and quince jelly, aged Parmesan with chestnut honey, bread sticks with rosemary hummus and Dolcelatte mousse, rosemary flatbread, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, lemon courgettes.

This was followed by bowl food, a duo of risottos - Squash, sage, Dolcelatte risotto and

Prosecco, asparagus risotto, parmesan crisps, simple green salads and homemade ciabatta.

And finished with affagoto (in line with the Italian theme)...

...and then, with full bellies, some dancing!


  1. Wow Rach, this looks amazing! delicious food as always. Great inspiration xxx

  2. Don't know if my previous comment was saved or not. The screen just went blank. Just wanted to say this event looks amazing. I'm very impressed. I'll catch up with you soon, when the dust settles. I remember those early days well, so I know what it's like. Take care. Aoifex

  3. The evening was wonderful,it was so nice to catch up with everyone and meet the new "Hens". Food was delicious,especially the canapes, gave me some ideas for when I get creative. And the bellydancers?, Well what can I say, a team of naturals!!


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