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Monday, 15 August 2011

My kind of clubbing

These days, the closest I get to clubbing is Edinburgh Cake Ladies and I couldn't be happier. This post is more than a little overdue but it's been a busy few months, so excuse us.

Imagine being surrounded by more cake than you could eat. Here I present the evening in pictures. I had a mini cake club member with me (mesmerised by cake) so wasn't as thorough as I'd hoped in noting down cake names and creators (sorry).

If you'd like to identify your cake from this cake identity parade, please do so and I can credit/link to you or better still please share the recipe/baking tips! Leave us a comment or email.

The biggest carrot cake I've ever seen, thanks to Harbour Hussy.

The creator of this cake is just thirteen years old. WOW, Helen, your future is cake.

Berry nice Summer fruit drizzle by Chiara

Wickedly hot double ginger spectacular by Becca, who makes amazing cakes and furniture.

Ms Red Velvet, find out more about her here.

My first plate of cake... and E's milk!

Pretty sure this tower of goodness was created by Lea.

The End.

The next cakey gathering here in Edinburgh is on October 13th or check out CCC for nationwide cake club get togethers.


  1. Well captured! Love how you've got 'my first plate of cake' aye, we don't do 'pieces' in Edinburgh, just PLATES.

    The amazing chocolate one with fruit on top was made by 13 year old Helen. I had two slices it was so good :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the 'cake-off' - hope you can make the next meeting in October, #edincakeladies taking the cake world by storm! Thanks for lovely photos, partic the red velvet ;)


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