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Saturday, 22 October 2011

For safe travels: in pictures

It was a strange feeling setting the Table again, revisiting our mental supper club to do list, checking everything twice convinced something would be forgotton. The menu planning, shopping, rush of the preparations, the anticipation of guests arriving. A curious mixture of nerves and delights.

Then, the doorbell rings, old roles are resumed like putting on a pair of well worn shoes, dinner is served, friends gather to tell stories and say farewell for now. The baby sleeps, wakes briefly aware there are strangers in her home and sleeps soundly again.

Now, it is over and we're left with these pictures to tell the story, house quiet, table cleared but washing up piled high, washing machine whirring, eager to do it again.

And so to bed.

To welcome: Dunsyre blue cheese mousse, buttery oat biscuits.

To amuse: Curried parsnip soup, apple crisps.

To start: Squash, rocket, Dunsyre blue, rosemary.

To follow: Venison Wellingtons, caramelised red cabbage, green beans.

Here's how a wheat free Wellington looks.

To finish: Baked chocolate pudding, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream.


  1. Welcome back team! Looks gorgeous, as ever. Love to you both and the wee one. Xx

  2. Woo-hoo. I was at this meal and have to say it was utterly gorgeous and almost a year to the day from the first time I ate here. Love the new house and the food is as good as ever!

    Will be booking in as soon as you release your new dates.

  3. Looks amazing!!!! When can I book?!?!?!?

  4. That is seriously some good looking food ... must do your supper club!

  5. It look beautiful - fresh, seasonal and very very pretty. Everything you do best!

  6. All looks stunning as ever esp Beef Wellington Truly inspirational Karen (Honey Wild)


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