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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Menu for our friends from near (ish)

We're very excited to say that we're taking some time off. 

While we love hosting the supper club, we have missed seeing our friends and actually getting to eat more than a taste of the food we prepare. And, there are birthdays to be celebrated. So for the next two weekends, before our Autumn/Winter supper clubs, we plan to rectify this in the most exciting ways. 

Instead of supper club hosting as usual, we are thrilled to be welcoming our dearest friends to party with us; this week those from near and next week those from afar. There will be a table set for feasting and complete with emergency chairs (Olly, is now a good time to ask if we could borrow, all of the dining/desk chairs in your house?), wine chilled, food prepared, party playlist at the ready, balloons, wonderful people and this time, we get to eat as well as serve. Horray. The best way we can think of to celebrate both of our significant birthdays. 

We will eat:

To start 
Mango, radish caprese, basil vinaigrette.

To follow 
Asian braised beef with hot and sour salad.

To finish 
Spiced Autumn Pavlova.

Happy birthdays to us!


  1. Yes of course you can have my chairs... If I can be the DJ for the evening.. I promise to wake Eva x

  2. Standing guests v awake Eva. Humm... Tough call.


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