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Saturday, 20 October 2012

To warm hearts, in pictures.

The beautiful flowers and the roaring fire set the scene tonight; the guests were such a warm hearted group that they didn't really need the help of our menu. Nevertheless, we welcomed them whole heartedly (as promised) and continued to enjoy watching new faces relax in our home and dine at our table.

Here are the photos:

What kind of flowers are the orange ones? Does anyone know?

To welcome Beef, horseradish cream toasts

and stilton mousse, homemade buttery oat biscuits.

To start Salmon rillettes, walnut and honey soda bread.

or spinach and ricotta pate, walnut and honey soda bread.

To follow Loin of venison with Szechuan hotpot 

  or fillet of beef with Szechuan hotpot

or Szechuan aubergine with paneer and rice.

To finish Chocolate pecan tart, maple creme fraiche.

And, to avoid one guest's chocolate and nut nemesis, spiced red wine poached pear, blackberry ripple ice cream.

Behind the scenes, we renamed this supper "For Peppa Pig" simply because,  thanks to Peppa, we managed to distract our wide awake little girl while we welcomed guests! E, I know you can't read yet, but please pick up the vibes, a return to your sleeping through supper clubs form tomorrow would be appreciated.


  1. The orange flower is a Protea, my native home's national flower! Your menu looks fabulous, cant wait to make it to one of your supper clubs :)

  2. Hi, yes Ediblerose is right about the flower being a protea but if you want to buy them again, ask for 'nutans' in the flower shop. Latin name Leucospernum but that's a bit know-all(!) Food looks AMAZING...


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