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Friday, 7 March 2014

Beautiful Kitchens, To Dine For

Today started with blue skies and a rare child-free breakfast with a wonderful friend here and ended, after the very successful party of our nephew with two happily exhausted girls. Then, there was chance to sit, quietly, turn the pages of our first copy of the new Beautiful Kitchens magazine and wonder if our kitchen will ever be this tidy again.

Perhaps you are considering ordering some of our delicious, home-cooked, prepared meals or hoping to come along to a supper club soon, this is your chance to see where the cooking happens in advance and even if you're simply here to be nosey, please, come in, we hope you enjoy this look into our home, you're very welcome. If only you'd actually all fit, I'd put the kettle on and make some rock buns.

The stunning photographs are by the very talented Douglas Gibb and the interview by his curious and very charming wife Alison. If you are even vaguely into interiors then you must start reading her blog and daydreaming, a lot. If you have any questions about our kitchen, please ask away and check out this reminder of how it looked before we started taking walls down...


  1. Woo-go Rowleys! Such a cool article, well done you guys. I had no idea that your skirting boards were drawers!

    And, er..."we're both tidy"...?

    Love x

  2. They told me they were both tidy!! ?? x

  3. Hi there, Wow the photos that you posted are really original of the kitchen. All the entire kitchen is designed by Beautiful Skirting Board of different shades which looks so stunning and modern.


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