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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Raspberry, strawberry and blueberry iced lollies

#bakingwithatoddler Summer Edition.

E and A are loving Summer and we have been making batches of iced lollies every couple of days. I picked up the moulds in Ikea and they have been such a hit. They keep me happy too as it's great to see the girls devour a healthy treat with enjoyment rather than fuss and a perfect way to cool off.

Sometimes we ripple them with yoghurt, others it's pure fruit and on our more adventurous days, we freeze in layers to produce stripes. It's so simple it doesn't warrant a recipe, simply wash fruit, puree and add yoghurt if desired. There's lots of inspiration here and here, if you get really into it. Please share your favourite flavours if you do, so far ours is raspberry, strawberry and blueberry ripple.

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  1. Nice pinnie E!!!!

    Our favourite so far is coconut, mango and chocolate. Mix yoghurt and coconut milk with pureed mango and then either mix with grated 100% cacao, or melt the choc and put into the lolly case first before the fruit mixture. Yum! x


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