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Friday, 12 November 2010

Knobbly Veg

We have just discovered this delicious campaign for knobbly veg and we're thrilled to contribute with our own knobbly veg shots. These beauties were grown by a friend's parents (thanks Mr and Mrs Sanders) and made for the perfect base for our bouillabaisse. You can see the step by step presentation here or a quick glimpse here instead:

From this...

Clockwise from right - a sea creature, a turtle and a baby whale.

...to this

Bouillabaisse, step one.

Have you ever grown your own knobbly veg and would you buy unusual products if they became readily available? Your opinions please.


  1. Love the knobbly veg! I am going on the hunt this weekend for comedy veg!! xxx food looks delicious as usual xxx

  2. Love the knobbly veg! Hope it was tasty!XX


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