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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Shop Scottish

Now then, how to follow a post on knobbly veg. When you live in a top floor tenament, growing your own is not always an option, while you can try. Having someone nearby, or at least in the same country grow their own for you, is however, so you can happily eat Scottish and Craigie’s Farm Deli and Cafe has the answer. Anna Thomson is a big fan and has written this guest post to tempt us and give us an idea of what to expect and some of the unmissable highlights. Our most recent Craigie's treat was this delicious garlic, which is lasting well and appearing regularly at our table.

Here's what Anna has to say:

I remember first visiting Craigie’s about six years ago and it literally consisted of a few shelves of jams and vegetables in a wee farm outhouse. A great example of local produce and farm diversification but a far cry from what you witness when you visit these days.

Wee customer Aidan who won their recent competition to create a new sausage flavour for the butchery.

Craigie’s is one of the most forward thinking farm shops I’ve ever visited. They not only think about the shopping element of their customers’ visit but also emphasise family fun and dining at the same time. Perfect for families, Craigie’s have their own hens and pigs for visitors to say hello to, as well as nature walks, a tractor to climb on and even a dedicated doggie menu for canine members of the family. The cafe sells a huge range of products, catering to every preference.

The dog cafe

Local produce {including knobbly veg - ed} is at the centre of the Craigie’s philosophy. Many of the vegetables on sale are grown on the farm and those that aren’t invariably come from within 50 miles away. The onsite butchery has a superb range of meats from Puddledub Porkand Puddledub Buffalo as well as elsewhere in Scotland. The shelves are packed with local milk, local cheeses, Scottish salmon, oatcakes, muesli, chocolate, British fruit juices and so much more – including the same superb Jam Kitchen jams that I saw on the shelves all those years ago!

The onsite butchery.

A new partnership with Edinburgh School of Food & Wine means that you can also pick up recipe cards in the shop, buy the ingredients whilst you’re there and then cook them once back in the comfort of your own home.

Young mums are starting to find their way to Craigie’s as it offers a great child friendly location that provides plenty of space with fresh and healthy food and drink.What could be better than a natter and a great lunch?!

Increasingly, young professionals are starting to care more and more about the provenance and traceability of what they are eating so there is no better way of guaranteeing quality and high credentials than shopping in a farmer shop like Craigie’s.

I would highly recommend a visit - you’ll always find some Connage Highland Dairycheese, some (OK they’re not Scottish!) of the yummy olive selection and some Puddledub bacon in my basket.

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