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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Giant Onions

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on onions this size*...

...then we can recommend reaching for Delia Smith's "The Collection: Soups" and creating a vat of sweet, warming French Onion Soup with toasted baguette and gruyere crutons.

This soup is sure to help you forget the cold outside, or, as was the case for us, provide a culinary hug after our return from The Great Outdoors - skiing at Glenshee. (It proved especially comforting for me as I returned shaken and bruised.)

What's more, there's plenty left for the freezer, so the goodness of this soup, the richness of the flavours, sweetness of the giant onions, sogginess of the crutons and stringy nuttiness of the cheese, can be enjoyed over and over, for as long as this cold weather lasts.**

*ours came courtesy of Uncle Joe and his secert supplier


  1. Oh dear, the onions finally met their demise... I'm glad they warmed you up though, and the soup sounds delicious! Besos from Cambridge xx

  2. Big onion, or mini husband? mwah. x


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