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Monday, 11 January 2010

Food with gusto

We took the opportunity of having friends from afar to stay as one to push the limits of our kitchen, but not the limits of our sanity or capability. Although the menu was different, we considered it some kind of trial run for the launch.

We introduced and discussed the idea of our supper club with them which was exciting, inspiring and reassuring in equal measure. We may also have found the perfect designer to look at creating a logo.

Foccacia and Antipasti followed by Butternut Squash and Sage* and Blue Cheese Risotto and Green Salad were brought to the table on Saturday.

And, after a day of exploring the snowy city, we completed Sunday and started our goodbyes, on a comforting note, with our version of a traditional Roast Chicken and Gooey Chocolate Puddings.

*A dream combination already featured in this blog's short life.


  1. mmmmm... my mouth is watering as i read. Cannot wait to sample the delights that will grace and adorn the already beautiful charlie and Evelyn's table. xxxxx

  2. That's us! We're the visitors from afar! And we felt very privileged to be Charlie and Evelyn's guinea pigs. Wishing you lots of luck with the new project, we've no doubt that it will be a great success. Jo and David xx


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