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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The week ahead

It's C here. Hello. Normally on a Monday, I take half an hour out just to plan what I need to get done during the week ahead. The problem is, this week, the list is so long I don’t even know where to start. So instead, I thought I’d take R’s approach and write my first post for this blog.

This week marks a new milestone in the life of Charlie and Evelyn's Table. On Saturday, for the first time, we’re serving “in your home” rather than “ at ours”. We’re off to beautiful and peaceful East Lothian to prepare a birthday feast for our clients and we're pretty excited.

After much thought and carefully selected choices, the menu, devised with season and our clients' tastes and requirements at heart, is decided. The celebrations will begin with a selection of canap├ęs. Some favourites from recent suppers clubs will be sampled including Tandoori Mushrooms and Haggis Bons Bons alongside some new additions such as Petit Salmon, Crab Fishcakes and Mini Bruschettas. Guests will then choose from three main courses, and finish with cheese (including a specially ripened, whole Brie de Meaux) and a choice of three puddings... more on these soon.

So, we are currently wishing for more hours in each day and, as the feast is for 40 people, we’ve been begging, borrowing and stealing* large containers, large pans and large spoons to cope with the quantities and in fact it now feels like we own a completely new set of cooking equipment, just in an XXL size. Our small kitchen is gearing up for its own Olympics!

We're thinking of the quantities as cooking 20 dinners for two. This helps our sanity but also, as each of our "in your home" menus, is unique and all dishes will be cooked by us “at ours”, it really is much closer to a large scale dinner party than large scale catering.

First up, Haggis Bon Bons x40 or should that be two Bon Bons for each of our 20 "tables"? Best get rolling!

*for the record not actually stealing just bargains that were a steal.


  1. cant wait... very excited! Good luck with the preparations! xxx

  2. CR&RR...Did you make it out alive and with sanity intact? Post, post!


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