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Monday, 10 May 2010

Dig on for Victory

Although it's been rather cool this past week or so, we have had sunshine and our Summer salad seeds have had a sudden spurt of growth. Despite living on the top floor of a tenement, we are determined to have as much of a garden as possible. While we dream of having a proper garden with a full on vegetable patch, raised beds and fruit trees, for now we're making do with five window boxes and a collection of pots!

We've become very paternal over a few little seedlings, sad really, but the thought of growing something from scratch which will then end up on our guests plates really appeals. So far, the most successful is the “Sweet Genovese” basil. It's growing evenly and steadily and already smells like basil!

The rocket, despite a strong start, seems to have peaked early and activity here seems to have dwindled. Time to move it to a warmer spot...

Outside, rosemary, mint, thyme and chives are thriving but sadly the same cannot be said for our rhubarb. It's not looking so good. We’ve planted it in a massive pot, but at this rate, we’d be lucky to feed one guest let alone serve whole tables!

We recently received a copy of Dig on for Victory, Mr Middleton's all-year-round guide to gardening from 1945. It's amazing and really comprehensive but it's certainly made us realise that successful gardening, even on a small scale, requires way more work and care than you could imagine and an equal measures of patience. Think we could do with a bit more of both here.

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