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Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Gourmet

I missed my flight home from London last week and needed a quick distraction from the frustration and the airport spending. I bought and read this:

I was buried in it, even in the security queue. It even caught the lady next to me's attention. "That must be a good read, what is it?" She asked. I can, and did, definitely recommend.

I love oysters, so this description was especially pleasing,
Four fine de claire oyster, cold and salty, with neither lemon nor seasoning. Swallowed slowly, blessed for the imperious chill with which they cloaked my palate... Four oysters, unembellished. A complete and uncompromising prelude, royal in unpolished modesty. A glass of dry white wine, chilled, with fruity refinement...

If a bar of chocolate costs over £1, I wonder what they'd charge for a warm and wobbly plane oyster. Ugh!

If this doesn't tempt you, be sure to check out this by the same author :

and failing that, go to here for a long distance book club.

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