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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Secret feasting is 80 years old

It's always good to look back and we were intrigued and excited to listen to this podcast (thanks Jo) and to discover a little about the history and thinking behind secret feasting from the 1930s to the present day.

We learned that, while researching, Tim Hayward discovered a dining club which existed in the 1930s. While surrounded by 10,000 wine and food books, he was handed an alumninum card embossed with the ISO Bar, a clue to a story of food and radical thought, and of The Half Hundred Dining Club. It seems that the new way to eat out started long ago.

Judging from Tim's tour of London supper clubs including this one, this one, and this pretty secret one many of the ideas remain unchanged from the democracy of good food for all (creative but not expensive), to the connectedness of food for thinking and conversation and above all perhaps, to a change willing diners' experiences of eating out.

Listen again and remember, every supper club is different so come, with an empty belly and an open mind and see what you get!

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