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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dig for victory: an update

Here I am taking a quick break from the kitchen to update our blog.

You might recall that back in May we were carefully tending our seedlings with mixed results. Well, we're delighted to say the basil is a great success and was used as the main ingredient in our homemade pesto and basil cantucinni for last week's supper.

Here's some photographic evidence from our window box:

And the rocket is doing well too and should be ready for eating soon:


In other news, we're also applying to tend a proper garden for next year through this amazing garden share scheme. Did you know you can apply to share a garden with someone who has difficulty looking after it? We didn't until this week but while we wait for an allotment this could be the perfect solution. Watch this space!


  1. yeah! glad you're going for it! I can come and help dig! xxx

  2. Thanks! Hope we get one and would love your help digging/eating x


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