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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Wish List

Advent is here and to show our excitement for the festive countdown, we've put together this wish (big) list, which is really more of a gift guide to share some of the top gift picks we've discovered (and currently covet). We'd love to know any of your inspirational gift discoveries too, so please do tell...

We're a bit late to put this together for 2010 but we're full of good intentions for next year. Imagine filling your own jars or boxes with home baked goodies finished off with these pretty tags and dotted around your home.

Beautiful birthday flags, or anything really, from this fabulous seller, we know it's almost Christmas but before that, we'll be celebrating one year of Charlie and Evelyn's Table. More on that soon.

A festive tea towel of course, from this charming husband and wife team who have a truck load of beautiful tea towels here.

We're lucky enough to already own several amazing pieces by this lady, but of you're looking for a unique and stunning wooden gift, large or small, you really must get in touch.

It's probably no surprise but we think recipe books make a great gift and being big fans of the Good Food Guide, we're keen to see the selection its editors have selected to celebrate 60 years of the UK's best chefs and restaurants.

Sophie Dahl may be The delicious Miss Dahl but we're tempted by the contents of Felicity and Roald's cookbook.

Avid readers will know that we like to create a different look for our table with every supper and we think this collection of tiny vases could work well throughout the year.

I saw this treasure months ago but it's still on my mind.

And, even without the box, these recipe cards are both practical and beautiful.

As this is a wish list, there's no harm in hoping for a lottery win to justify a long shop for art at Sarah Dallas' Gallery. The window display alone always stops us in our tracks. How sweet are these ceramic doves?

And now we're really dreaming, why stop? An apple tree and this apple rack would be perfect for our dream garden. And, a few chickens too.

Finally, to finish all the gifts, this bright raffia would come in useful.

And this giant stamp please. Ideal for cards and gift bags.

Oh, and maybe this twine, with some brown paper packages...

Looking to next year, surely something as stunning as this would help us to keep track of our journey, ideas and recipes.

And, last but not least, as 2011 is the Chinese year of the rabbit, this adorable spork and spoon set, to celebrate precious new arrivals.

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  1. I like your Christmas Wish List, might be mine, the chickens too...:) Thanks for the links..


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