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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

One year

One of the wonderful things about keeping this blog is being able to look back on memories made and milestones past. I have always wanted to keep a written diary and usually failed after writing just a couple of sentences over a few weeks. But, we have actually kept this blog going, fairly regularly, for over one year. And, if you need proof, you can click here to see our very first post.

So, snowy Saturday was our birthday of sorts and, to celebrate, we hosted our final, supper of 2010 and welcomed more beautiful strangers to our home. We also want to celebrate with you, our readers and supporters.

The lovely Sally and Dave at To Dry For, are stepping in to help us mark our birthday and the end of mountains of washing up (we reckon at least 500 plates over 25 suppers) with a special giveaway (subject to stock availability).

For your chance to win, please visit the To Dry For website, select your favourite tea towel, and leave us a comment on our blog which includes:

1. The name of the tea towel you'd like to win (we can't enter but if we could, Chris has chosen this one and I've chosen this one, or this snowy one, or this one).
2. Your least favourite thing to wash and dry up (our award for worst item to wash and dry goes to the sieve).
3. Your email address.

Winners will be randomly selected. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 12 December.

*Perfect frost captured here


  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. The name of the tea towel I'd like to win is Give Me Sunshine. For obvious reasons!
    2. My least favourite thing to wash and dry is the grater because it's all too easy to shred the cloth or tea towel before the grater's clean or dry.
    3. edinburghdiva(at)gmail.com

  2. I really, really wish 'tea cups' wasn't out of stock as that would be my first choice, but 'Allo-Allo' would be perfect for a friend of mine so I'll go for that instead!

    I hate washing the porridge pan as it always sticks to the bottom, no matter how much I stir! Grater and sieve are definitely worst to dry!

    domestikate at hotmail dot co dot uk

  3. 1. I would choose this one http://www.todryfor.com/towel.asp?id=237 it would make doing the washing up much more enjoyable!

    2. I hate washing the pan after making scrambled eggs, they never come off! I agree with the sieve too!

    3. vicki at queenofcharms dot com

  4. 1. I would choose the breakfast in bed tea towel (sleep in the kitchen) because I love the cheekiness and I possibly should be said to me!

    2. The worst thing to wash up is any sort of cooking pan/pot when somethings caught and stuck hard, particularly gaoling if it's one of the god pots!

    3. Ewall at holyrood dot Ed dot co dot uk

  5. Happy Birthday! Wishing you both a wonderful break before 2011 sweeps down upon us in a wave of foodie goodness. Thank you for making me fall in love with chesnuts again.

    I quite adore the towel which is covered in raspberries. And the thing I don't like to wash and dry, other than the sieve, which is made of evil, has to be the porridge pot if I haven't been watching closely enough and heavy scrubbing is called for. Urg.

    Me! scotland4thesenses@gmail.com

  6. 1. The name of the tea-towel I'd love to win is Bottles, as I'd like to give it to my sister along with the gift of having her house cleaned for Christmas ( yes, that's what she's getting). I hope that when she sees it hanging up next to her sink, she might feel the urge to mop her kitchen floor once in a while.

    2. The item I hate washing and drying the most is the grill pan after frying bacon. It doesn't even fit in the sink properly, which results in water spilling all over the kitchen counter. Grrr!

    3. My email? matchingshoesandhandbag@gmail.com

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie and Evelyn's Table!

    1. My favourite tea towel is the Polka Dot Shoes as whenever I put on red shoes it always makes me smile.
    2. My worst item to wash up is Champagne flutes, or any glasses in fact, that have narrow tops which make it very difficult to clean inside particularly when they've had red wine inside!
    3. My email is lucy@askmyvirtualpa.com

  8. Happy birthday! I hope that I get a chance to come to a supper this year, the blog is so delightful.

    And I love To Dry For - I just stumbled across it the other day and if I had the time and money to do so, I'd buy scads of them and make a blanket - the designs are so fab! I love the Storm in a Teacup one, especially.

    I hate washing up the chip pan more than anything - invariably it gets stuck with little burnt on gunky bits of spud (because I'm clearly not a very good cook).

    My email is musesings13atgmaildotcom.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I adore the 'oui' tea towel, it's wonderful!
    And seeing as the sieve and scrambled egg pan have both been used, I shall choose my juicer as the most painful thing to have to clean. I feel so very cool making my own smoothie, and so very uncool standing scrubbing the 27 (it feels like!) different oddly-shaped pieces! It's so disappointing!

    Hope to come to one of your evenings very soon!



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