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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A wedding picnic

It still hasn't sunken in. We did a wedding. Yes, we did.

It took many hours of preparation (including three dedicated to peeling quail's eggs), it lasted seven hours and took us over two weeks to recover! Words don't often fail but for now, the photos can tell the story.

The aim, the menu.

The first layer.

Scottish blue cheese mousse.

In the kitchen.

Prawn, cucumber, mint and feta skewers.

Quail's eggs.

Perfect baguettes.

Courgette chutney.

In a pickle.

Wedding day cucumber pickle.

Teaspoons (for the chutneys).

A Fortnum (the collective noun for hampers of course).

The second layer.

New potatoes.

Courgette and lemon salad.

Stacks of salad.

Green beans and Parmesan.

The second layer of the hamper.

Spinach leaves with mango.

All set for the feast.

The hall.

Wild, homegrown flowers.

Sweet smelling.

Top table.

A hamper...

...or two...

or 33!

Pretty table setting.

All ready.

The dashing couple.

Main course.

Horseradish marinated salmon.

Monkfish and smoked bacon skewers.

There's more.


The children's party.

Jelly cups.


  1. everything looks both very pretty and delicious. It must have been one very enjoyable party( and a very happy couple). Congratulations to the newly weds and to you on your first wedding!

  2. Wow, love it, you've got it all 'just so', time to branch out and do more i think!

  3. It looks amazing. Love the C&E magic. Is this Hill Street?!

  4. Thank you Diva. It is Hill Street, transformed!

  5. beautifully captured - such an amazing feat and feast - team C&E are truly awesome x x

  6. They truly are! I'd almost feel bad for putting C&R through all that - except it was so perfect I selfishly can't. Thank you so much guys - you are super-cooks! xxx

  7. Hannah - you look stunning! The food looks fantastic. So glad to have dined and C&E's table twice. I still talk about the venison and melting chocolate risotto. If only I could get the Aussie to get married, I could get the same caterers in......... but you would have to make a MASSIVE cake as well.


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