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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Menu One

This will always be our first menu.

To start
Scottish Smoked Salmon, Truffle scented Potato Salad, Chive Oil, Homemade Bread.

To follow

Pork Fillet, Black Pudding Bundle, Apple, Cider Juices, Sage Soubise, Potato Puree, Broccoli.

To finish
Iced Chocolate Orange/Pink Grapefuit Terrine, Hot Chocolate Sauce, Orange Syrup.

We can't wait for Saturday and, before you say it or send round the grammar police, I know there are words missing from the descriptions. In some ways it irks me. Mostly however, I think, what do those words add to a menu apart from a sense of correctness? We've focussed on the flavours and, given the choice, would you rather have a conjunction or an Iced Chocolate Orange and Pink Grapefruit Terrine dancing on your tongue?


  1. oh my oh my... i'm sitting here furiously trying not to drool all over my computer! This sounds divine so i can hardly begin to imagine what a firework of flavours it will actually be it! So super excited. xxxxx

  2. The food sounds great - good luck and have fun. No problems with the joining-up words and will even forgive the new-fangled and dodgy double 's' in "focused".

    But then if you insist in living round the corner from a couple of teachers...

  3. These guys can also cater brilliantly in your own home, by the way. Celebrated a great birthday last weekend with a team of four and a half (two-thirds?) providing food and serving liquid. Watch out for: bruschette, spicy haloumi and haggis bon-bons. Oh, and chilli cheese bake, both "classic" and chorizo versions.


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