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Friday, 18 May 2012

All things bright and beautiful.

Unlike our last wonderful wedding experience where we were gently persuaded to step into the unknown,  we willingly and excitedly agreed to this special Spring occasion. We naively assumed that our kitchen would be completed in a month and that from that new space, we'd arrive organised, maybe even relaxed. The kitchen took nine weeks and this wedding took place in week eight. Hum. Nevertheless, we arrived at the venue and began to watch a vision realised.

We contributed every ounce of our love for food and hospitality, pushing our skills to new limits and pouring in creativity, organisation, stamina and every last bit of our energy to successfully serve a bright and beautiful Spring wedding feast (with extra special lamb sourced from the fields next door to the bride's parents' home) in a rather secret Northumberland location.

Pretty bows ready for the ceremony and celebrations.

First tastes Blue cheese gougeres.

A room transformed.

Getting there.

Each place carefully set.

The smiling and wonderful team.

Final check.

Just before the guests were seated.

The menu (part of it).

                                           To start Spicy parsnip soup with apple crisps.

Earlier that morning, cocktails being layered.

To follow Prawn and avocado cocktail, bird's eye view.

For main Amazing lamb noisettes with peas, shallots, roasted carrots and minted new potatoes.

The cheese course.

Balancing act.

Something sweet. The cake, topper and me.

Pretty china.

Tables set for afternoon tea.

A selection of finger sandwiches.

And finally, all this feasting was rounded off  at night with chilli con carne and chicken curry to refuel the dancers.

The sun wasn't still shining when we left but these blooms were still smelling sweet. Phew.


  1. We love you, you're amazing. M and I had an evening you would be proud of on Wednesday...remind me to tell you! x

  2. Looking forward to hearing. Hope the crocs didn't really get Indi! x


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