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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Kitchen Diaries, part one

So we borrowed the title from Nigel Slater's excellent book The Kitchen Diaries which gives an insight into a whole year in his kitchen, what he ate and his recipes. Our own version is more pictorial and probably won't make you nearly as hungry. As the pictures show there wasn't a lot of kitchen left to cook in! 

Even on days when it seemed like it, our kitchen transformation project did not last a whole year, more a couple of months but it was Winter and dark and dusty and took a whole lot longer than we thought. 

This post (and the next one) chart the progress of our project from when we moved in to how it is now, designing our own kitchen in between. Hopefully it's enough to excite you about how much delicious cooking is to come from  the new space or at least draw you in by curiosity alone.

The old kitchen. (The day we moved in.)

The old kitchen off to a new home. (Day one.)

The old utility is ripped out... (Day two.)

...and so is what remained of the kitchen. Doors are removed. (Day two.)

The walls are marked up. (Day two.)

Floorboards are lifted. (Day two.)

The ceiling has gone and work begins to restore original height. (Day three.)

A wall disappears. (Day three.)

Lots of rubbish at our front door. (Day three and throughout...)

Plumbing in progress. (Day four.)

Electrical work in progress. (Day six.)

Plumbing completed, for now. (Day ten.)

New ducting completed. (Day ten.)

A lot of caffeine was consumed in the making of this kitchen. (Throughout.)

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