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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Kitchen Diaries, part two.

After yesterday's cliffhanger, the work continued...

Could that be drawers under there? (Day 19.)

I spy new extraction and a new ceiling in place. (Day 19.)

Plaster. (Day 19.)

Plastering completed and drying.  (Day 24.)

New carcasses are built. (Day 24.)

Wall units go up, chimney hood in place, extra part needed. (Day 25.)

The island takes shape. (Day 25.)

Templates for the worktops are started. More carcasses in place. And if you're really eagle eyed, the island is extended. (Day 31.)

Topless drawers, waiting for templates to be cut. (Day 31.)

Doors and drawer fronts. Hinges. Knotting primed ready for painting and a smiling face! (Day 32.)

Double sinks and draining board in place. (Day 34.)

More templating and switches covered. (Day 34.)

A new wall and an original door (made to slide) in place. (Day 35.)

Big progress. Shelves fitted, worktops fitted and it looks like a kitchen again. (Day 40.)

Shiny new worktops. (Day 40.)

New worktops and panelling fitted in the utility. (Day 42.)

Tiles and a hob in place. (Day 42.)

It's amazing how excited you can be over a tap. A hose tap. (Day 46.)

The contents of our kitchen are in the Dining Room gathering more dust. Painting begins, I give up taking photos. (Two weeks later.)

Painting completed, all appliances in, handles added, lights hung. We move back in with dust and daffodils, just in time for a special girl's first birthday. (Three weeks later.)


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! Happy cooking, what a success :-) xx

  2. What a project! Looks lovely and can't wait to sample the goods!

  3. looks wonderful hope your enjoying using it

  4. Wow perfect - great kitchen with a great bunch of daffodils too xx

  5. Your redo is coming along great. I'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom and am about to pull every hair out of my head. Kudos to you for staying sane.


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