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Saturday, 23 June 2012

For our return, in pictures.

And so, tonight, we made our comeback and it felt great! Our guests have not long departed. We are buzzing around the kitchen excitedly, emotional, not tired but delighted to be back and looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow. Chris is griddling aubergine as I type, napkins are being spun around the washing machine, we are getting ready.

We were a curious mixture of nerves and excitement all day. Busying ourselves with preparations and getting the flat organised with the added “help” of two little hands untidying as fast as I could tidy.  Before we knew it, the buzzer sounded and it was like putting on a pair of comfortable slippers, cosy, familiar and welcome. We were hosting again.

A lovely crowd gathered at our table this evening, chatting freely, making connections, telling stories and it was an added delight to be many of our guests’ first supper club experience. Preparations with a exploring Eva were at points tricky but she did us proud tonight, stirring only briefly before resuming sleep.

Here are the pictures to tell a story of their own:

To welcome Stilton gougeres.

Seared tuna, radish, wasabi.

To amuse Pappa al pomodoro.

To start Pea, mint risotto, Parmesan crisps.

 To follow Seabass, chive creme fraiche, artichoke, green beans, new potatoes.

To finish Raspberry tarts.

With coffee Handmade truffles with pistachio and milk chocolate.

And, in the spirit of this emotional day/post, we would like to dedicate tonight’s supper (not that we’re in the habit of doing so) to very dear friends and a wonderful, newly completed family, who got to take their beautiful twin girls home today. We are thinking of you all right now.


  1. It was all completely Charlie and Evelyn beautiful - gorgeous food, a table of people getting on noisily well (might be why Eva woke!), and charming setting. Welcome back! xx

  2. As my first ever experience at a supper club I couldn't have asked for more. Beautiful setting, a very warm welcome and the food was truly special. I will hurry back at any other opportunity I get and have already advised friends to do the same. Rob.


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