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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Menu for a birthday boy.

On Saturday, we prepare to welcome veteran supper clubbers back to our Table. This time, they have chosen to book all of the seats for n exclusive and unique birthday celebration with friends. The birthday boy is especially laid back, he's an Aussie you see, but a look through past menus managed to tempt him towards a meaty main and a chocolatey pud. We can certainly manage that. And, as it's a special occasion, a special starter too.

To start
Venison carpaccio, mozzarella {and for those who like them} mushrooms and hazelnuts.

To follow 
{Making a reappearance} Asian braised beef, hot and sour salad.

To finish
Rum and raisin brownies and ice cream or for our wheat intolerant, dairy free guest, rum and raisin Winter fruits.

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